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Military Lubricants & Fluids Testing

Alcor Petrolab and Phoenix Chemical Laboratory perform a wide range of tests for military specification lubricants and other fluids.  We are one of the best equipped labs for testing military specification lubricants in the world.  We routinely test aviation turbine oils, general purpose lubricants, CLP oils and many others.  Test methods include common ASTM and FTM methods as well as test methods that are specific to a single product Mil-Spec. 

We specialize in supporting R&D programs and manufacturing quality control for base oil producers, additive manufacturers, and lubricant producers.  We also work with engine and component manufacturers to understand the interaction between lubricants and new materials.

If you need testing on a military-grade lubricant or other fluid that isn't on this list, please contact us, because we can probably do it.

Aviation Turbine Oils & Fuels Testing

Hydraulic Fluids Testing

Lubricants Testing

Lubricating Grease Testing

Other Oils, Coolants, & Fuels Testing