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Jet Fuel Testing & Certification

We conduct all of the tests required to certify that your jet fuel meets all relevant quality specifications. Commercial aircraft in the United States use Jet-A as specified by ASTM D1655. The US Military uses several other grades of jet fuel, including JP-4 (older aircraft), JP-5, JP-7 (high-altitude aircraft), and JP-8.

We perform jet fuel testing for refineries, pipelines, airports, FBOs, the US military, and individual aircraft owners. We have certified jet fuel for many years and provide quick turnaround times and accurate results. Our jet fuel testing experience includes testing the jet fuel for Air Force One when the US President visits the Dallas, Texas, area.

Certifying jet fuel before using it in aircraft is an important to ensure safety and long-term equipment reliability. For example, the freeze point of jet fuel is critical for high-altitude and trans-polar flights. High temperature stability is tested using the JFTOT (Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Test) to ensure that fuel doesn’t leave deposits on the combustion section of the turbine. Water in fuel may separate during flight and freeze (due to the low temperatures at high altitudes), which in turn can block the fuel inlet pipes and cause fuel starvation

There are various alternative jet fuel blends currently in development that are not widely used in the commercial market at this time. We can perform testing on traditional or alternative jet fuels by any of the test methods and specifications listed below (depending on the properties and requirements of the individual fuel). For additional information about a test method, click on the ASTM method number below.

To learn more about testing jet fuel to meet commercial industry standards, click on one of the specification names below.

To learn more about testing jet fuel, rocket propellant, and other aviation fuels to meet military standards, click on one of the specification names below.