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Hydraulic Fluid Testing

We perform quality testing on all types of hydraulic fluids, including fire-resistant aviation fluids, fire-resistant industrial hydraulic fluids, and general purpose hydraulic fluids used in aviation, industrial applications and heavy equipment.  Our customers include hydraulic fluid and lubricant manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, the US military, and heavy equipment users.

Hydraulic fluid producers and hydraulic system manufacturers are constantly testing the limits of hydraulic fluid performance. We perform an extensive range of tests on new fluids in support of R&D and manufacturing quality programs.  We test hydraulic fluid properties including flammability (especially important in aviation applications), viscosity, wear (minimizing metal breakdown from metal-to-metal contact), foaming, corrosion prevention, oxidation and thermal stability, and rubber seal compatibility. (Learn more about our specialized rubber compatibility testing.)

Contaminated or poor-quality hydraulic fluid can cause unnecessary wear and tear and even damage hydraulic systems. Contamination can be caused by particles such as dirt and by water. Damage may include jamming, wear on parts, and decreased performance. Testing hydraulic fluid can pinpoint contamination. Testing hydraulic fluid regularly as part of a quality control program can also detect these problems before they cause damage.

Choosing the correct hydraulic fluid can make a big difference for your equipment; this information is usually provided in user manuals or equipment specs.  Listed below are some of the specifications and tests we can perform on hydraulic fluids. For additional information about the specifications, click on the specification number. If you have hydraulic fluid you want to test but don’t know what specification is most applicable, contact us today to set up a customized slate of testing.