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SPL Notice to Customers

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How to Submit Samples to Alcor Petrolab and Phoenix Chemical Laboratory for Testing

We recommend that you request a free quote before sending a sample for testing. Our quotes include important information, such as how much sample is required to perform the requested testing and where to send samples. Both our laboratories are set up to perform a wide range of tests, but some of our more customized and unusual testing is only set up at one location. You can request a quote today by phone (call us at 817-633-9119) or by emailing us. Our testing experts will be in touch within the next business day. 

If you are confident that you already know what testing will best meet your needs, how much sample is needed to perform that testing, and that your packaging meets safety regulations, then you can submit your fuel samples to either laboratory. Please send all grease and lubricants samples to our Dallas/Ft. Worth laboratory. If you're not sure whether your sample is considered a fuel or a lubricant, please contact us.

Whether you have received a quote or not, please complete and include the following forms with your samples. If possible, put the papers in a ziploc bag to protect them from leakage and keep your information legible. This will ensure that our laboratory technicians can contact you with your test results in a timely manner.

For every sample submission: Chain of Custody

For first time customers: New Customer Form

If you have questions about this paperwork, about which laboratory to send samples to, or about packaging your samples, contact us today and we will answer any questions you might have.