Fuel and Lubricant Testing


SPL Notice to Customers

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On-site Sampling

Alcor Petrolab trains all of our laboratory technicians to safely pull samples from customer locations. Our technicians can pull samples from vehicles, generators, gas stations, storage tanks, and other locations. When scheduling a sample pick up at your location, please describe the location so that our technicians can be prepared with the proper equipment to pull your sample.

If you prefer to pull your own sample, you can still schedule a technician to pick the sample up from your location. You can also ship samples to us, but while this may be more cost effective it does take a few days to ship samples. If you are within a few hundred miles of our laboratory, it could be faster to request a sample pick up instead of a sample shipping kit.

Alcor Petrolab is committed to processing samples quickly and efficiently. Our laboratory technicians are on call 24/7/365, so we can do your testing when your testing needs to be done regardless of the time of day. 

We recommend that you call ahead to schedule your testing whenever possible. Even when testing must be done outside of business hours, advance notice allows our technicians to set up the testing apparatus before they leave the lab. This makes the testing faster and easier, and ensures that we can report your results promptly. For other questions about our services, contact us or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.