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Custom Test Design

We specialize in custom and unusual lubricants testing. In addition to more than 500 standard test methods, our engineering team can customize test methods, customize test instruments and even build completely new test instruments for your specific requirements. Please contact us to see if we can help you develop a testing solution that meets your specific requirements.

Examples of custom test engineering projects include:

  • Designed an accelerated aging test for a personal care products manufacturer that exposed products and packaging to high temperatures and pressures in an oxygen atmosphere.
  • Developed custom test equipment for an oil refiner that predicted high-temperature coking behavior of heavy weight crude oil.
  • Designed a custom method for a heat transfer fluid manufacturer to perform ASTM D445 viscosity testing at temperatures up to 350°C.
  • Designed equipment to perform ASTM D2717 steady-state thermal conductivity.
  • Designed equipment to determine the vapor pressure of solid materials with melting points below 300°C.

Our many years of lubricant testing experience and extensive range of standard tests mean that we can perform testing on almost any type of lubricant, even if there is not an existing specification for it. Our extensive experience with lubricants testing makes us one of the best independent research and development and quality control laboratories in the world.

If you have an unusual testing requirement, whether to push the performance envelope of a fluid or system, to comply with a military specification or to create a competitive advantage for your company, please contact us.  We will work with you from concept to execution of a custom test method or custom test equipment.