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ASTM D3427 - Air Release Value of Hydraulic, Turbine & Lubricating Oils


We perform lubricants quality testing by ASTM D3427 to measure the ability of turbine, hydraulic, and gear oils to separate from air mixed with the oil. During the test, compressed air is blown through the heated oil sample. The time required for the volume of air in the oil to reduce to a certain level after the air flow stops is recorded as the air release time. Air in oil can cause sponginess and control issues in turbine and hydraulic systems, as well as oil pressure problems in centrifugal pumps and incomplete oil films in bearings and gears.

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ASTM D3427 corresponds to IP 313.

For additional information on this test method or to purchase a copy of the method, please click HERE to open a new window and visit the ASTM website.